GoCity re-imagines the possibilities of location-based gaming by bringing player created cities on real world maps

InGoCity players are able to buy real world roads and build their version of the world in fun and engaging gameplay.

Available to download for free from the Apple App Store, players will begin their career as The Mayor. GoCity offers players a variety of upgradeable buildings and decorations that they can populate the world with. Exploring different real-world surroundings is rewarded with unique buildables and resources - even your local restaurant can be a busy spot that generates you tax income! GoCity features a variety of challenges and tasks in which players are encouraged to manage, build and explore the game world, including:

o   Build and customize: your own cities along real-world roads

o   Manage: factories and shops to gather resources and to grow your city

o   Explore: the world, visit various fun CityStops and collect unique rewards

o   Compete: with other players in global leaderboards

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